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Oscar Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the leading open source EMR in Canada and its open source community are highly regarded

We support the open source software community wholeheartedly and volunteer our services often to help Oscar EMR evolve. However sometimes modifications to Oscar require more specialized detail and are needed immediately by smaller groups of users. These types of modifications can only be delivered as plug-ins.
We have invested years of learning, listening to thousands of suggestions and observing the health clinic environment. As a result COLCAMEX has become Western Canada’s first and only developer who can offer you an Oscar EMR modification as a plugin.

The Plugin Advantage

COLCAMEX plugins for Oscar EMR are highly specialized modifications for smaller groups of users which can be delivered without delay. In addition plugins are:

  • update-able as needed without disturbing your current Oscar installation
  • installable by a skilled user without disturbing your current Oscar installation
  • developed by health information technology professionals with intimate knowledge about local requirements
  • designed to enhance Oscar EMR.


Expedius is an Oscar EMR compatible service that automates the process of expediting electronic HL7 lab results from a medical laboratory reporting and distribution services directly into the physician’s patient lab results inbox.

Expedius Features:

  • Implements security methods to ensure patient lab results are viewed by authorized personnel.
  • Manages a variety of SSL keys and handshake protocols.
  • Independently runs as a background service.
  • Automatically or manually downloads electronic lab reports.
  • Customizable options for download intervals.
  • Status panel indicates running status of service and recent download times.
  • Configuration interface for lab distribution service accounts (Excelleris).
  • Business API that simplifies the addition of lab distribution services.
  • Executes multiple distribution services.
  • Error reporting through SMTP (email) service.
  • User accessible event logging.
  • Robust persistent error checking.
  • Resumes operation after hardware interruptions.
  • Instantaneous and transparent transfer of lab reports to Oscar’s lab document inbox.


  • Oscar EMR version 12 and up
  • Excelleris account
  • Excelleris security certificate

Call your Oscar Service Provider (OSP) to order.
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Electronic British Columbia Antenatal Record 2014 (BCAR 2014)

This revolutionary new Electronic BCAR form rivals all previous versions. The new interface is clean and intuitive. Smart form features enable a clinician to focus more on quality patient care and less on technical indifference. Best of all, it can be integrated into Oscar EMR versions 12 and up. It will be pre-packaged with future versions of Oscar EMR.


  • Improved user interface present the entire form on one page.
  • Smart form capabilities remind the clinician of common and uncommon procedures.
  • Full integration with Oscar EMR ensures that patient files are kept in order.
  • Form printing capabilities facilitate direct data transfer from database to smart PDF forms.
  • Easy updatability ensures the form is never outdated.

Video Demo (by OSCARprn):

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Online Appointments for Oscar EMR

Oscar Webcal is a software adaptation of Oscar EMR that facilitates the synchronization of select Oscar schedules with iCalendar files published by cloud based or networked calendar services.


  • Unidirectional iCalendar fetch operation using a Webcal calendar-publishing URL.
  • Bidirectional calendar synchronization between Oscar EMR and optional Acuity Scheduling services.
  • Configurable automatic fetch intervals ranging from 5mins to 24hours.
  • Synchronizes fetched iCalendar files with any number of user selected Oscar schedules.

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