handshake_smallSimplicity, passion, integrity and quality are the most important values that we posses.

The KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) principle is our mantra when working on any project.

We love what we do and taking on challenging projects gets our blood pumping.

Business is extremely competitive in this age.We understand that confidentiality, commitment and faithfulness are the only ways to ensure solid working partnerships.

You are not a number; to us you are an important person who represents a very successful business – for that reason you deserve our highest quality resources.

Our Resources

COLCAMEX aims to help individuals, corporations and educational institutions to walk through the complete process of creating:

Each one of COLCAMEX resources are valuable on their own or can be combined into one very powerful application.

logoimagealoneOur Method

We will sit with you to discuss your requirements and observe your current process. Then, after wearing our thinking caps set on the highest setting, we will present to you a full solution. Once approved we will work with you side by side to develop, implement and maintain your custom solution. When working on all projects we use an adapted common agile methodology as a guideline. Our methodology is comprised of three stages:


Planning is the initial phase of any project. This is where detailed information is gathered in order to determine the requirements for the software. Once enough data is collected a series of planning tools and templates are used to determine the road-map for project completion.

Sprint Cycle

This is an iterative cycle in which the project development takes place. The sprint cycle can contain 4 cycles which are opened with a sprint cycle direction meeting and followed up with a completion meeting. Cycles in development, testing, and redevelopment are repeated on till time, quality and the projects requirements are fulfilled and balanced.


The closure phase is the final project delivery phase. Adjustments to satisfy any missed requirements or bug are reviewed and potentially repaired in this phase.